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Push Up Bars Stands Home Sport Gym Exercise Training

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Push-Up Bars are great tool to develop your upper body strength, arms, legs and stomach. By gripping the handles of the stands, you will enjoy a greater range of motion during push-ups, helping your muscles develop even more efficiently.

Push-up bars allow you to do push-ups raised above the floor, which is great for 4 reasons:

  1. You protect your wrists and hands from injury. Doing push-ups without bars puts a lot of stress on the joints and tendons in your hands and wrists, this can lead to injury and persistent pain.

  2. Increased range of motion. Because push-up bars raise your up above the floor, this allows you to go lower in your push-ups, activating more muscles and getting more out of every repetition.

  3. You get a better workout for your forearm muscles, because you're gripping the push-up bars instead of having an open palm.

  4. It is easier to position yourself for proper push-up technique and form due to the extra stability.



  • Brand New and high quality.

  • Great for working out chest, biceps and triceps muscles, shoulders and back.

  • Strong, durable steel bars and very stable have no fear that they'll break, bend or collapse.

  • Soft foam grips, comfortable to handle.

  • Size: 18 cm x 13 cm x 12 cm (Length x Width x High)

  • Weight: 400 g

In package: one pair push up bars

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