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Solar Powered House Number LED Light Stainless Steel

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LED Solar Powered House Number Light displays your house number brightly and clearly making it easier for others to identify your home.

Thanks to a bright and illuminated house number, your friends and family from out of town won__ have trouble locating your home. Also, in case of medical emergencies, the number light will make your home instantly identifiable by emergency services.

Position this house light in an area with sunlight, to get a cost-effective and environment-friendly light that harnesses the power of the sun to charge itself. And when darkness falls, the clever in-built sensors will turn the light on automatically!

Easy to install:

Two keyhole-shaped openings on the back make it possible to hook this number light onto almost any surface for a no-fuss installation.

Attach it to your fence, front door or even your letterbox keeping in mind that the area needs to get sunlight during the day.

In Box:

  • 1 x Solar Powered House Number LED Light
  • 3 x 0-9 number sheets
  • 1 x A-H letter sheet